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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mi Casa Nueva!


To all my fans.  It's me, Clarence the dog and I wanted to send out an update on my new crib.  To be honest, I think I've died and gone to heaven.  Last week, my family found me a new place to live out my retirement years and I love it.  I adopted a new friend, Kelly, who has lovingly welcomed me into her heart and home.  She loves doting on me with lots of hugs and special treats.  I feel like royalty here.

These are my new amigos, Moose and Boogie.  They love to hang with me as we cuddle by the fire for a group hug. 
And here is Ginger and Skipper.  They like to sleep and relax, just like me.

Here I am getting a nice back massage.  Oh, the dog spa is wonderful.


I do miss my family when I think of them, but each day I grow closer to my new "mom" and she's wonderful.  I must admit it's a lot warmer here cuddled up by the fire than being chased by bears in freezing Alaska.  I want to personally thank Kelly for taking me under her wing and making me feel a part of her family.  I am so blessed!

With my love,


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