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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Child's Perspective

My family and I feel God has called us to move to a remote village in Alaska. Where? A little village called Port Graham. Yep, the village needs a Pastor so we're going to move there. I’ve never been to Alaska before so I’m going to tell you what I imagine it to be like.

I imagine it to have big, snowy mountains on one side and huge rolling hills with thousands of trees on the other side. I think the town will have a 7-11 or convenient store, no Costco!

I think our house will be very small but cozy. I bet it will have four rooms and one bathroom (unfortunately) and a small kitchen to go with it. Outside I think it will have a green door and an orange and purple welcome mat. Our house will probably be on the main road (which I hope is not very big). The main road will probably be gravel with a few pot holes.

And that is what I imagine Port Graham will be like. Hmmmm….I wonder what Port Graham will be like in real life. The End...and the Beginning!

Post and picture by Maddie

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